The genre of console role-playing games have long been experiencing hard times. A once great company continue to rape the classic series, releasing a Frank garbage and raw prohodnyak. Others are trying to expand the audience by simplifying the RPG mechanics and borrowing elements from trendy genres. And those who do not change the traditions, releases games so rarely. Kingdom Hearts III, according to rumors, will be released only 12 years after the sequel. Following the masterpiece The Witcher 3 and its add-ons CD Projekt RED will give birth to “Cyberpunk”, it is likely that by the year 2020. In turn, the fifth “Person” we’ve been waiting nine years!

Luckily, expectations were met – the flagship Studio Atlusthat hit us in 2008, a role-playing game Persona 4, not only changed the genre and devoted fans, but also can largely improve the mechanics and to return some of the features of earlier releases. But about all under the order.

Persona 5 departs from the intimacy of the fourth part and is a small town as deployment offers the capital of Japan is Tokyo. It is here that you will live a calendar year as a high school student. Atlus simulates the life of the city, at the change of seasons, weather, time of day and sharing the days activity. Some of them spelled out in advance is visiting schools and story events. Part – you define yourself. Every great action spends time, what shifts you scheduled ahead, and when the day ends only to go to sleep. Accordingly, you choose how to spend your day and evening. Among the many options – meeting friends, playing sports, going to cafes, learning… And, of course, exploring a world of shadows.

As you progress through the story your character gets access to new areas of the city, each of which has its own functional purpose. Somewhere shops and entertainment centers where you can buy gifts for their friends. Some locations are perfect for a date. There are areas with mini-games, like baseball hall or fish pond that will help to pump the social characteristics of the hero. Towards the end of the game the total number of zones is much higher than the fourth part.

And efficiently, they also significantly increased. Artists Atlus added atmospheric sketches from the life of the big city. If Inaba from Persona 4 was a quiet rural town in Tokyo full of life. You see the gray crowd that walks the streets, enters the subway cars and window shopping supermarkets. Even intermediate screens between the districts of the city, full of details. People play on portable consoles, listening to music, and when it rains, they open the umbrella and run.

Speaking of normal life, of course not without real work. Going into the transition, we can find booklets with vacancies, call to which happens to get a part time job in a flower shop, convenience store or restaurant. The benefit of these exercises lies in improving skills of the protagonist, receipt of money, and some quests. Remarkably, working with colors will need to choose the right Association at the request of customers, and in ramanou to remember orders.

Different types of fun not just improve the hero’s skills, but integrated with the game world and dilute the gameplay is great attention to detail. So, in a native cafe, we can do the curry and cook different varieties of coffee. We tell an interesting story about food, and finally give an item that helps with completing dungeons.

At one point it becomes available for the purchase of TV, video and consoles, like NES. Sometimes our friends will even send invitations to hang out together playing games or watching movie.

And where the pupil books that can be read not only in the library or at home but also while traveling by train, if you were able to sit down. And we always learn something new, not only increasing the skills, but also revealing elements of the plot and the characters share their impressions.

In summer, the environment begins to overheat that emphasizes special effect. The students at the school go on the floors, something to discuss, and these conversations can be overheard. Somewhere you see a couple of girls who furtively watching the guys. At night you can detect drunken Japanese who roam aimlessly on the streets or just lying on the pavement unconscious. One drunkard stands out – he always gets drunk and stays at the courtyard next to the bar, still manages to know the latest news about accidents in Tokyo! Visiting adult guarantees funny scenes with freaks and escape from the police, as in Japan, students are not allowed in these places.

And of course people discuss news. In recent years, cases of insanity, leading to civilian casualties. Among them – a distraught driver who caused the derailment of a train off the tracks. In the beginning of the game it would most likely be a background, but the farther, the more you realize that all of these and many other incidents somehow associated with the world of shadows and the activities of the protagonist.

The silent protagonist of Persona 5as a character the fourth part, trying to arrange their lives in a new city. And if the heroes of the series were originally neutral-positive environment, then in the new game, Atlus suddenly gives the protagonist a “criminal” past. It sets a negative attitude from others, in vivid colors showing how people are labeled and put up walls.

A rigid social framework creates an unusual atmosphere – you pressed the NPC, and students in the school are afraid of and avoid contact with you. Even parents abandoned you and put uncle-caretaker, who settled hero in the attic of the coffee shop. All this makes Persona 5 is different from the previous part, in many ways returning to a more sombre atmosphere of the early games in the series.

Social theme runs like a red line throughout the story. The writers clearly demonstrate how people clamped part of modern society. While there is bureaucracy, injustice and abuse of power. Abuse, the abuse of minors, animal abuse and other social problems are presented in a series of vivid story arcs and side quests, which are strung on a common scenario rod, skilfully linking seemingly side stories with the main background.

The game is based on serial patterns, focusing on the unique stories of heroes and villains, which over time becomes more and more. Each arch has its own story, one way or another associated with the main. This structure not only allows us to vary the script, but delicately keeps Central the suspense almost until the very end. In direct contrast to Persona 4, which we almost immediately realized who the mysterious killer.

It is important to understand that Persona 5 is not trying to walk around with a scowl on her face all the time. This is a game of contrasts. Sad and shocking moments interspersed with bright and cheerful episodes, allowing you to experience the entire spectrum of human emotion. You rejoice at the success of characters and heartily laugh at the Comedy scenes. And then Atlus has managed to repeat the success of Persona 4 with some reservations (the plot of the second arch still seem underdeveloped). At the end of the story you feel that you have been to Tokyo, met all of these people and become real friends.

This is largely due to the gradual disclosure of character through building relationships with each of the characters. Atlus continues to use Social Link so spending time with a particular character, you build an invisible connection that will eventually become only stronger. Each new level of relationships not only makes you closer, but also opens up new abilities that greatly facilitate you the life. Among them not only additional experience during the creation of persons, but also to the chance that friend will come to the rescue in a difficult moment during fierce fights with shadows, removing negative statuses, or conducting a critical attack on the enemy.

The closer we become with someone, the more powerful skills we gain. For example, a classmate Mishima allows the characters not participating in battle get 100% experience, and the members at the end reveal the full potential of their harnesses, and their personal persona turns into the ultimate version with a new look.

The writers are so carefully thought out that even the secondary characters become real friends. Each of them has their favourite places, appropriate to their activities, a distinct character and personal problems. All this directly affects the obtained abilities for the growth of friendship.

By analogy with the previous iterations of the series, we can enter into loving relationships with female characters. In the new game romance acquired a new stage of development. Lies in how it presents the options, where you can find a lady for every taste and color: an intelligent and sensitive doctor-punk, a shy student, a bright model, a teacher with a personal secret, and even that hacker is a sociopath. But this time we had the chance to become a real Casanova and to please all the girls, however, warned that it may be dangerous to health in some way…

It is important to note that, with all its abundance of game mechanic, Persona 5 is amazingly friendly to newcomers and intuitive in handling all elements of the game. It is much easier to finish the desired types. even of the characters compared to previous games of the series.

In addition to the more obvious structure of the narrative, simplifies the planning, here tremendously help confidante. Especially help out the teacher and the fortune-teller. The first helps with the creation of thieves tools and a Laundry service that saves you time in the evenings, while the second allows you to move quickly in a relationship with the characters without spending time going for the sake of a few points in the plus, and immediately entering into a stage of increasing rank.

Of course, it costs money, but the benefits of such hacking is priceless. In addition to these benefits, in terms of gameplay, a significant role is played by the weather. During the rains in some places we get per skill point more, and in the battle of Fortuna becomes supportive. For the ultimate view use weather conditions – it’s flu season, when randomly in battle, monsters can be infected with a fatal status, a desperation that is literally killing poor people on the third turn. In hot weather, some enemies begin to burn, and if “blow” on them a spell of wind, they just blazed with maximum damage.

Among the most important innovations not to mention local system of crafting thieves tools. These special items are processed from the found at the locations of the materials, you can create the table. They provide a range of useful skills, you can become invisible for a limited time, you can reduce the level of anxiety, to make items with built-in spells, and, of course, lockpicks to open locked chests. Thus, the higher the skill level the skill, the more items it is possible to create at a time.

Atlus didn’t forget to bring an element of surprise and things. So, from time to time of the chests we literally pick up dirty trash with low settings. However, if we identify these things, to wash them in dry cleaning, they are often cool equipment, better performance than found or bought in the store at the moment.

Returning to the story, it is important to say that the developers are inspired by biblical motifs, and exhibit a distorted consciousness of villains in the form of the embodiment of the deadly sins, playing with each defect is unique and often unexpected way.

Mystical-fantastic background along with fashionable superhero theme unleashes the writers hands, allowing them to realize all the crazy bells and whistles in the overall mythology of the series, where, beside the real world there is another town of the shadows: spirits, gods and other imaginary creatures. Distorted human hearts resonate with the alternative reality, the Metaverse, creating “palaces” – is filled with traps and dangerous enemies of the dungeon.

Each of these bastions thoroughly thought out and really unique. As a reflection of the personality of the villain, the environment itself tells the story – something obsessed with a character. And they look so cool and unusual that we have no right to popularity you – everyone should experience this on personal experience.

And if from the point of view of style Persona has always been strong, in the fifth part of the developers brilliantly showed itself, and in creating interesting for the passage of locations. Unlike the dungeons of Persona 4, the “palaces” of the fifth part are generated randomly from a primitive set of corridors and rooms. This is a manually created multi-level site, inspired by the best representatives of the genre of adventure, like classic Tomb Raider series and The Legend of Zelda. The passage of each of them tied to the research, stealth, solving puzzles, finding shortcuts and checkpoints, as well as battles with enemies including various bosses.

The authors masterfully play up the theme, connecting the story, environment and gameplay in one daring and insanely delicious cocktail. Even the enemies that previous games in the series often looked strange together against the surrounding background because of too variable design of each species, in Persona 5 is more carefully chosen based on the style of the location where they live. All of this made exploring dungeons many times more interesting and atmospheric than before, correcting the only serious drawback Persona 4.

In the depths of each of the Palace is kept a great treasure, the embodiment of the distorted desires and at the same time the goal of the team of the main character – the Ghostly thieves. Stealing the treasure, the Palace is destroyed, changing the inner world of a villain and causing him to repent of the crimes committed in reality. Thus the team not only saved the fate of innocent people, clearing the city from criminals, but also creates a powerful resonance in society, causing the population to believe in the existence of Ghost thieves. This, in turn, opens up the characters a new depth of Mementos – the collective unconscious of all the residents of Tokyo, megadorra at the bottom of which is kept an important secret.

Unlike the palaces, the main floors of Mementos be much simpler in structure. They do not involve mysteries not belong to any particular character, so are rebuilt anew each time – like dungeons from the two previous games in the series. This allows you to keep the element of chance to find new types of shades and items of equipment after you have closed the plot location. In addition, this is where you can complete various side quests – fairly simple tasks where you need to look distorted the essence of a certain person to win it.

As noted above, Persona 5 made a smart step in the direction of convenience, allowing you to navigate between the savepoint and exit the dungeon. This applies both to the story of palaces, and of Mementos, where from time to time come across a section with rooms for guests. Therefore, the authors of save players from unnecessary backtracking and loss of progress after a few hours of research the other world.

An important innovation was a system of shelters and stealth movements. You can hide behind walls, furniture and other elements of the environment, hiding their presence from the shadows, and cameras. The developers have simplified management, which allows you to lock on to a nearby shelter and at the touch of a button instantly hide behind it. And it very opportunely, considering the fact that some opponents may be much higher than you in level. This is indicated by a red aura that appears when you activate a special vision. In addition, attacking the enemy from behind cover, you start the first battle, guaranteeing one extra move for each character.

Persona 5 continues to develop a turn-based battle system of Shin Megami Tensei. The authors did their best to hide the movement on a separate screen, which is achieved by clever camera work, invisible upload arena and redrawn menu, which now looks more interesting and convenient. As a result, the game, like a music video, with professional installation, beautiful and invisible to the eye goes to the battle.

In addition to firearms and bladed weapons, each character has their own persona, the demon shadow that protects the heart mask. Their appearance in the story is spectacularly appointed and the design deserves the loudest applause.

Demonic entities have strengths and weaknesses which are determined by damage from physical attacks, firearms, fire, ice, electricity, wind, psionic, radiation, blessings and curses. Abilities are balanced, so strong in one individual often has a weakness in another. Some can block, absorb or even reflect the attack of a certain type, but go into torpor from other types of damage. So beautiful Carmen can burn his opponents and has resistance to fire, but its owner falls to the floor, if it fall to the icy spell. The same works with the enemies.

It is important to note that the enemy can take hostage tilted heroes for ransom. But you can refuse them and use integrated online functionality (thieves Guild), which allows you to summon the ghosts of other players and repel the hero captured by a limited number of times.

The thieves Guild also helps greatly in the classroom at school. When you ask a question, you can ask for a hint online, which immediately displays the percentage of votes community PlayStation for one or another answer. So you do not have to rummage through Google trying to find the right answer.

Returning to the battle, the tactics of the fights in Persona 5 is based on the vulnerability of opponents that warrants overturning and maximum damage. If all the enemies fall to the floor, the heroes surround them, and you can choose one of the options – to start negotiations or to a joint and very stylish super attack, which almost always ends with the death of all opponents on the screen. The first option allows you to claim money or items, or to force the demon to be part of the squad, instilling in the mask of the protagonist. This is a welcome option that fans of Shin Megami Tensei for many years was asked to return in Persona.

After hearing a wounded demon, you have to think of tactics to communicate with them, choosing from three options. Some opponents love to joke and happy to agree to go to your service, if you’re not strict. Others respect strength and will work with you only if you show character. Some I love flirting, other violence, and so on. If they like you, then the shadow will become a persona of the main character and will come into the squad. But if you angered them, they can continue the battle. If disappointed, then run away or leave you items or money.

Latching onto the new demons, you can balance the party in battle and gain new abilities. And this applies not only attacking skills but also soft skills, like spells that temporarily increase defense and attack that induces sleep or weaken opponents. At the same time, wearing a special accessory or get necessary skill, you can reduce the damage to repel or absorb it, to fill health, or not to damage.

Magical attack people consume mana characters. Some of the person can sacrifice the health of your host to make a strong physical attack – it all depends on the demon.

Very convenient feature was the appearance of the quick buttons, which automatically selects the correct person and spell if you already known vulnerabilities of the enemy. This greatly reduces mechanical action and accelerates the already dynamic fights. Given the rapid and spectacular animations, great tactics and strong settings, Atlus once again offers the best turn-based combat system in the world jRPG.

While the hardcore fans are not left out. The maximum level of complexity, which can be downloaded for free from the PSNcreated for fans of the challenge. While Easy mode allows you to simply enjoy the story.

It is worth noting that the new accessories, weapons and armor can be purchased from the special merchant – charismatic character, who will be happy to buy you all the loot in the palaces of the trash. As you progress through his story, which is downright true crime drama, we get a discount on services and the ability to create a powerful weapon with advanced features and embedded statuses.

Additionally, the city has a semi-underground clinic with its own chain of quests, doing that you will get access to a very strong experimental drugs.

Of course, the clothing and items can still be found in many chests scattered around the zones of palaces and floors of Mementos. Also, different things are the reward for successful negotiations with demons, mini-games, purchased from the vending machines, and some passers-by. Remained in the ranks and feature a series of secret trade, there are two places: the TV shop and the black market Tanaka on the Internet. Last gradually renews its range during the passage and for the tidy sum offers extremely powerful equipment.

Finally, objects can be created by synthesis persons and the necessary materials. This ability does not appear immediately, and its potential is significant. The lion’s share of the best weapon is obtained by this method.

Being on the active list of the main character, a person gain experience and level up. Over time, they open up new abilities. Some of these skills – improved version of the basic talents. Other – new variation or skills to attack with a spell from all targets on the screen. There are passive skills that work automatically. In respect of abilities the developers have tried their best to diversify, and often literally in the field to test them, to evaluate the use of fully that adds excitement and zest to the process of growing demons.

A vivid example would be techniques that require health. Thus, variations that cause less damage, but hit more times per turn, can be more effective than costly versions with high attack level, with indicators of strength of character and person.

When abilities of a person becomes too much, they cease to fit in memory, so you need to forget one of the old skills or to refuse a new. Thus the authors propose to build unique builds every demon and prevent huge lists of skills that you need to scroll a long. Given the fact that weak – initial version attacking skills lose their relevance after the receipt of improved iterations, they are the first to go in the scrap.

While Atlus allows you to rebuild a person in various ways. For example, using the cards with a skill that creates a certain character, or the sacrifice of a person with the right skills. And, of course, Persona 5 all also have the opportunity to register their wards demons in the database – the compendium of the Velvet room, where for a fee you will be able to call the last build or to connect multiple people together to create new species.

The integration of persons has changed for the better, opened a limitless expanse to create the person of your dreams. You are pleasing to at least have a basic persona of the protagonist, Arsen 1 level and make him a killing machine. For this you don’t even need to kill the same enemies for hours. This is achieved by control of growth and inheritance skills. So, the first is due to the donations of people to receive a certain amount of experience. Thus, the smaller the number of levels, the more accurate setting of the growing parameters. Increasing one level at a time you see that increase.

The second is obtained by crossbreeding with the demons having the desired ability in the Arsenal or through the victim. But the resulting skill is set arbitrarily, not by hand.

Such freedom in the implementation of game mechanics and high level of customisation is another distinctive feature of Persona 5, which distinguishes the project from the competition.

Himself local the compendium was not only functional, but also easier to understand, now you even suggest possible new person and combinations. A very important innovation in regard to the call from the bestiary lies in the possibility of interbreeding persons above the level of the hero, which was not previously in the series. This applies both to our personal persons, which we pumped one way or another, and call with a high base level. But this requires a higher rank relations with supervisors Velvet room in the face of the twins Carolina and Justine that will throw us problems in getting individuals with certain skills.

The velvet room has always played a key role in Personabeing a guide in the knowledge of the forces concealed in the characters and in some aspects of the universe the universe series. If earlier a storehouse of mystical knowledge under the direction of the permanent host of Igor stood alone, now it is at the forefront of developments.

Closer to the climax of the story, we are bombarded by a whole galaxy plot twists, in which we learn the secrets of the origin of palaces, in what is our “rehabilitation”, the role of Morgana, and much more. And all this is tied to the monastery of Igorthat it becomes a pleasant surprise for fans of the series who always had interesting origins of this mysterious temple, located somewhere in the space between reality and dream, consciousness and matter.

The game manages to entertain even thoughtful references to various works and personalities. Among them Dragon Ball, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Super Smash Bros., JoJo, TRON, Lupin III, My Neighbor Totoro , and more. Of course, omega enough to their projects. So, during the game we hear about characters with familiar names, posters, titles, reminiscent of Persona 2, Persona 3, Persona 4 , and even Catherine. Of course, all this is set out in a joking manner, and appears suddenly, that dilutes the already intimate atmosphere.

What can we say about the continuity of the game elements in the face of firearms, negotiations with the demons, return of certain types of items and a nod to the ancestor of all franchises Studio Shin Megami Tensei in one of the palaces in the form of specific traps.

Don’t forget the game and on the nonlinearity. Persona 5 offers three options for completing the history of the Phantom thieves and, importantly, the best of all endings, for which we have to try, fulfill certain conditions, leaves a warm feeling inside. Having lived for a year with characters that become like close friends, after all his experiences of adventure with fire, water and copper pipes, I want to have happened, otherwise why would we all put so much tremendous effort? The authors carefully treat the heroes and pay in the epilogue the word literally everyone in our global campaign for the rebuilding of the modern society.

Complete the game once, you can always go back to the cosy Tokyo through a system of New Game Plus. The game will offer to transfer the money, all equipment, map skills, gifts of friends, a compendium of the personalities and social characteristics. All this makes it much easier the second campaign, allows easy to enjoy the story again and do all the things that you do not have time for the first time as comfortably as possible.

In the best tradition, in the second passage there is a secret boss battle which is decorated with very interesting and make sweat even inveterate fans of the genre. Also happens to create the ultimate persona, which is really powerful, and try the other solutions in the event where there is a choice.

Music is an integral part of the style of Persona 5. A wide spectrum of genres has allowed to enrich each scene the necessary sound emphasizing the mood of conversations or certain situations. For example, in moments of spiritual conversations in the background playing enjoyable and lyrical melodies, and when the hero is being questioned in the case are strings, which in Hollywood catching up the alarm and gradually increase the volume.

Despite the fact that the lion’s share of tracks can be attributed to the genre of Acid Jazz, within this style, the composer is experimenting with other directions. For example, in moments of awakening of the person or the heroes in the battle with bosses you can hear the hard guitar riffs with an overload in the style of Heavy Metal. When we need to feel the pace of life in Tokyo music plays, reminiscent of Jamiroquai. And the theme of the final boss and does cause me nostalgic for the days of Digital Devil Saga.

We should also mention the music, which sings of Lin Imaizumi. Great songs, accompanying us during battles, stealing treasures and unwind in the evening, will settle permanently in the player fans of good female vocals. And this is one of the few examples of our memory, when even the most mundane battles in a turn-based jRPG is accompanied by such older musical works.

Of special note is the musical theme of the Velvet room. “Aria of the soul” is not like other songs and came straight from the previous games in the series. Seductive operatic vocals and classic harmonies give this location required the mysticism and emphasize the mysteriousness of its inhabitants.

A few words I would like to say about English voice acting. Atlus did a good job and attracted actors who brilliantly coped with the task. The voices fit perfectly to the personalities of the characters, emphasizing the unique images of each character.

To criticize only largely outdated graphics. Despite the lack of bugs, stable operation and 1080p, the game remained in the era of the PS3, which originally was created. Persona 5 ignores PS4 Proand some textures, like signs, full of huge pixels. Download appear surprisingly often, but, fortunately, they are very fast. Beautiful and unusual style with a lot of nice details hides most of the roughness. So you cease to pay attention to these moments and just enjoy a gorgeous game.