Since the advent of this generation, VR helmets for a very few games managed to create an atmosphere that is unique to the three-dimensional environment, and only a few were able to take advantage of all the technological advantages of the new devices. Modestly announced at E3 project from the Studio Polyarc seemed like another cute game about the adventures of a mouse: in the beginning, we even thought it was a special version of Ghost of a Tale, which should be out very soon. But the final product made a quiet revolution, whose consequences we have yet to realize.

Moss not just displays the level of interaction with the character to a new level, but also sets a new standard for VR projects that have gone from traditional approaches to popular genres. Creation Polyarc demonstrates that a regular game on the big screen and projects for hats can be two unique universes, which almost do not overlap.

In the center of the story Moss – little mouse quill, who finds in the woods a magical piece, able to summon powerful reader, whose role the player takes. By gaining control over the valuable object, the heroine is trying to save his uncle from the evil forces, who seized the Kingdom, breaking the swamps, the fields of cruel battles, abandoned temples and dungeons. The story part of the project is served in the style of the illustrated book, located in a huge Cathedral. And this is perhaps the most boring and lengthy part of the game.

The action offers something more than a set of simple puzzles. Each level is a large diorama of many secrets, like the collectible scrolls, interactive objects, and enemies, some of which you can influence. The controller in the DualShock you control the mouse, and also use a light ball to heal wounds quill, activation, lifting devices and gripping the minds of her opponents. The latter allows you to use the skills of enemies.

For example, on one level you need to control the crab that shoots plasma bolts. Having it at your disposal, you drag the enemy to the desired position, while simultaneously moving the mouse on the platform, and then shoot plasma at the point of activation.

With each new level, the task becomes more difficult, requiring you agility, combat skills, performing a strict process and iron nerve.

But it is not important – using the camera and the possibilities of the helmet, the game makes you finally get off the couch and pacing around the room, consider the location, looking into all the passages and cutting in search of solutions and secrets. At some point Moss so it’s exciting that you completely forget that you are at home, making me believe that you are giant, considering the elaborate doll world, where a brave little mouse trying to get through to his uncle.

In the world of Moss elaborated every detail of the environment, ranging from subtle grass and ending with stretching amid the branches of old trees or giant swords, rusting on a battlefield. The heroine herself-the mouse is made incredibly cute with a complex animation and high even for PSVR level of detail. After falling into the water she shakes off drops of water, and after the battle – deftly twirling the sword.

Opponents, be it the exploding green creatures, laser security system or threat scarabs, seem very realistic in three dimensions.

Moss is one of the best games for virtual reality helmets and at the moment the best puzzle of the year. If not for the boring presentation of history through the book, and lengthy loading between levels, I would have put this game the highest score. This is the second game after Resident Evil 7, for which is to buy a helmet virtual reality VR PlayStation.