Transfer God of War from the world of the ancient gods of Hellas on the vast expanses of Northern mythology, caused a surge of fan concerns and incredible expectations. Someone got scared that the Studio of Santa Monica will try to roughly copy the concept of The Last of Us, others were confused by the openness of the world collection collector’s items and performing side quests. Others were horrified by the change of environment and the appearance of the young assistant as one of the main characters. But the new God of War not just banished all the fears, but the law may already be considered a major contender for the title of best game 2018. It is clear that ahead of us Red Dead Redemption 2 and possibly other worthy projects, but the American Studio behind five years of intensive development made a loud and powerful as Thor’s hammer, a revolution.

The events of the new God of War occur in the cold interior of Scandinavian myths with the world serpent, harsh deities, witches, trolls, and ogres. Deprived lover, Kratos along with inexperienced and painful Acream son must perform the last request of the wife is to bring her ashes on the highest mountain of Midgar. Emotional opening scene with the hug is replaced by a long and dangerous journey, which sucked deeper Spartan in the world North of intrigue and impending danger. And even the initial trip to see the wood for the pyre is accompanied by the finest attention to detail, vivid fights, learning the basic combat mechanics and the interaction with the second character.

As in the case with Allie, the son of Kratos with the development of the history of absurd and frightened young men turns into a true assistant, piercing arrows, ferocious werewolves and distracting the attention of the invincible Ogre. Sometimes he comes into a direct fight, jumping to the enemy on the neck and the soul of a bowstring, or stunning dangerous monsters curved handle of his bow. With the advent of magic missiles, Atrey can call upon a totemic animal, causing the enemy more damage in battle. And, of course, without the participation of the young men a no-cost solution to many puzzles. It resets the father of the circuit, energizes the artifacts creep in narrow tunnels, clears the openings and reading are important for understanding the history and assignments runic texts.

Puzzles is a significant part of the space of peace God of War. There is a place for search and destroy runes, firmly locking the chests and treasures and unique artifacts. All this is accompanied by a real study with complex combinations of actions, rather than a simple collection of points on the map. Completing tasks on time, exactly when you need to get into hanging on the racks of bells, or the solution of multi-level puzzles with wheels, energy bridges and deadly traps can take minutes to half an hour of your time.

Fans of God of War 2 especially will rejoice at the return of the greatest mysteries with the size of the whole location. They occur in the story and looks incredibly spectacular. Some of them are scripted, and others require efforts to solve complex manipulation of the mechanisms of the interactive environment and the second hero.

Separately, various hidden collectibles like keys to the test in one of the nine worlds. You can also complete quests to destroy certain types of opponents or to close spatial gaps, challenging strong and very dangerous creatures. The developers also hid secret rooms and treasure maps that require you to further research expanding the game space.

If the authors of the God of War went the right way, by combining the principles of Metroidvania and dynamically changing environment. Now, backtracking no longer looks dull with the city’s old locations and getting re-acquainted with the altered stages. With the emergence of additional skills, you can unlock new areas and doors in the passed areas. Additionally, the story progresses the water slowly recedes, revealing to you the all new levels flooded the world. Thought you learned all the secret caves, but the Nude drying opens the passage to a new location with the next secrets and jobs.

Saithe in the world of God of War are great pieces of history, revealing the secrets of the main and side characters, and sometimes offer a unique experience, such as exploring the magic of time or powerful and very dangerous creatures.

The other part of the story is served through dialogues, legends and stories that gently stop if it has started fighting scene or you ran far ahead, and then smoothly continues from the interrupted place. The heroes remember the conversation and continue from where stopped.

Itself the Nordic mythology is woven with extraordinary care and love, supported by calling the delight of the visual implementation and design environment.

Game bestiary game universe every hour or area is constantly updated with new monsters, which eventually will form groups with other creatures, significantly increasing the difficulty of the game. For example, like the eyes of nightmares after a while is able to possess strong opponents, restoring health and giving a temporary invulnerability. Ogres can grab the zombies and throw you in the head, and some ghosts completely invulnerable, while Athreos doesn’t shoot them with an arrow mark.

Sometimes in the world open to a random breaks matter where popping combinations of monsters that strengthen each other and give the characters a lot of problems.

Do not forget about the threat environment: on the locations, there are sources of the poison, which can block with the axe, but suddenly appeared the enemies will put you in the most difficult position. There are already have to choose: pick up the axe and fight in the poisonous fog or leave the weapons from the toxic source and to use against the enemies shield and a strong fist. In other places, Wednesday can come to the rescue, especially if superpowered opponents got under the electric breath of a mighty dragon.

The combat system and the growth characteristics of the characters imply many conditions. You can find or buy new kind of armor, giving you the change to one or more core skills from the force of impact to protect. The same armor can be improved at the blacksmith, possessing special components and sufficient quantities of gold.

You can also change the properties of weapons and increase its level. From the last available depend on the branching skill tree techniques. Each skill gives purchased new equipment and improve the combat strength of the ligaments.

The last paragraph are minor and major runes, which allow you to change special attacks. They can also be improved in exchange for experience points, but after applying they require time to recharge. For example, one rune in Luka can summon a giant wolf, and the replacement causes a flock of ravenous ravens, paralyzing the enemy for a certain amount of time. While the ravens will have elemental attack depending on boy arrows.

Combining runes, improve weapons and armor, you get a unique phone that fits your style of doing battle. After all, someone can start a fight with a special strike, juggle the enemy into the air, then summon ravens and finish the final superkick.

Separately, there is a rage mode that accumulates during the match and can be activated for a short period of time. In this mode Kratos do the most damage and can stun the enemy, swiping juicy and very brutal fatalities. However, the latter is not required with the usual opponents but beautifully used on bosses.

It is also important to note that the axe in the new God of War becomes the main weapon, and Atrey sometimes gives hints during battle, Kratos timely warning of the danger. Much the same is happening in the research environment: if you can not find the desired path, the son of the hero will hint.

Additionally, Kratos can get a bonus for temporary protection, if you take certain actions, and with timely dodging enemy attacks is enabled the deceleration time in the style of Witch Time from Bayonetta. It depends on the mascot.

In addition to the Spartan rage, the authors have retained from past episodes and a very bright and well-staged fights with gods and giant monsters. I won’t go into details not to spoil the surprise, but trust me – you will find an incredible level of production with a failing environment and detail previously not achieved in any of the projects in the current generation. It really is a new stage in the development of the entertainment industry. You can drown in the epithets, but God of War the level of application and setting tailored just incredibly cool and amazing. And in many ways, this visual enjoyment is achieved by the latest graphics technology. It has implemented the most realistic snow and mud that we have ever seen. Snowflakes fall out, the tracks have a depth depending on body mass, and snowflakes slowly melting on his face. Not to mention the light sources and the effects of water and ice. SIE Santa Monica Studio is not just to offer modern solutions, but also set a new standard, which will be equal to the rest of the company.

Audio support is made unobtrusive. Music in the game is almost there, but sometimes you can hear the subtle atmospheric female choral singing. A huge role in immersion in gameplay play volume background sounds.

After the end of the story the game continues. You can go back and finish those tasks that you do not have time to perform. In addition, God of War updates the map and starts to show all the places where hidden the secret bosses.