While SEGA tried to ignore their heritage, the company Vanillaware has created an ideological continuation of Golden Axe – cute Action/RPG Dragon’s Crown for PS3 and PSVITA. Classic gameplay with RPG elements and unusual style has allowed the game to become a cult in the narrow circles, but the popularity she never earned. The fact that Dragon’s Crown came out in late 2013, when players actively switched to the next generation of consoles, so the project of the Japanese simply did not notice. Guided by the principle of “better late than never”, five years later the game still appeared on the PlayStation 4.

At the beginning of Dragon’s Crown Pro offers to determine the character, choosing one of the six heroes, and then slightly change the details. For example, luxury hair Amazon can be Golden, blue or even ashy.

The gameplay is virtually unchanged. The characters have their own unique characteristics and abilities that complement each other and allow for a different approach to the strategy of warfare. Warrior is armed with a short sword and shield and has a thick armor, which guarantees excellent protection and makes it the best choice for beginners. Amazon on the other hand, poorly protected armored bikini, but perfectly wielding a huge axe, relying on a fast and brutal onslaught. Armed with two dwarf axes can grab the enemy and throw into the crowd. With some reservations, this Trinity refers to the characters Golden Axe II, especially if you look at the design of the Amazon and dwarf.

Another trio relies more on attacks from a distance. Elven Archer can destroy enemies from afar, but is forced all the time to pick up fired arrows. Mages need to control the flow of mana, and each sorcerer has a different set of skills. For example, Busty witch is not so hard, but the perfect immobilizes opponents cold that works in conjunction with a more powerful partner.

In the game, there’s a town hub where characters return after each mission. There is a tavern, a couple of shops, Church, and other institutions which relate to the plot and quests. Access to different places opens up gradually as you complete tasks.

A simple story about finding the Crown of the Dragon does not involve unexpected turns and beautifully staged scenes: most of the time you spend in dungeons, destroying hordes of enemies.

As in Golden Axe, Dragon’s Crown Pro you can tame and saddle some animals, and also to use the elements of interactive environments, like the downed from the wall of the shield. In addition, there secrets and branches, which gives a linear adventure research element. Many secondary quests are tied on this. For example, a bomb exploding near a wall, you can find a hidden passage. But solving the puzzle is to get access to a large treasure chest.

After each mission is scoring and production, which you collected in the level. Found a piece of equipment, whether weapons or boots, you need to recognize. The higher the rarity of the subject, the greater the likelihood of getting good bonuses to the basic characteristics.

In addition, each character has a wide range of additional skills that open with each level. For example, elf can learn how to smear with poison arrows or to increase the size of the quiver, and Amazon will have access to new and more complex combos.

To play the different characters in Dragon’s Crown Pro is very interesting, and considering that all your characters have a shared inventory, then begin to pump the new hero is not as painful as in some other games. If you had a high-level item that does not fit the current class, it is sure sooner or later another of your hero.

At some point, the player opens the possibility of passing through already completed levels in a different itinerary with new locations, more powerful enemies and a new boss at the end. An alternative way often requires a more thorough approach to the selection of companions, as well as strict adherence to class roles. To go into the hands of the boss 27 of the level without the tank and the mage is simply unreasonable. In these moments the game is revealed on the other hand, making to find more effective combinations of characters and their abilities.

The team can have up to four soldiers from the same six classes, each of which will control either human or artificial intelligence. Computer companions become available after the player pick up the dust and will resurrect a dead hero in the city for a small fee. The resurrected hero is available in the tavern for all of your characters. It has a fixed level and uniform, and the more pumped the player, the more advanced partners can meet.

If your character go on a mission alone, then randomly selected by the computer fighter can become your companion at any moment. So if you forgot to choose a partner, you can not go back, but only to wait until someone will join you.

You can pass the mission in local co-op on one console, and another from the network or to join a random person. For the local cooperative provided the ability to import saves, so your friend can move your character on your console.

It is also worth noting that you can play not only with the owners of the PlayStation 4, but with the players on the PSVITA and PlayStation 3. It all looks very interesting, but check out how well the online features, we were not able due to the well-known disruptions in gaming services.

With regard to additional tasks, they give the person with the Researchers after each mission you complete. Orders are frequently associated with affected locations, and, unlike the original version of the game for PS3 and PSVITA, here to perform secondary quest does not need to undergo the indicated level before the end of the second time. The player only needs to do what is required in the description of the quest and return back to the city with the help of special options.

The developers have tried to diversify the job as possible within the genre. In one case, you need to collect pollen or web, in the other – to kill enemies riding on a dragon, and in the third, you may need to open the chest in the secret room without waking the sleeping orcs.

One of the important features of the project can be called an unusual design of the characters. The characters look brutal, cute and sexy at the same time. That’s just what muscular Amazon crumbled foe two-handed axe, and every muscle in her body showed just how powerful and stern woman in front of us, and the next moment she’s standing, playfully sticking out his ass, and all the brutality fades into the background. But who will really attract men’s views, so this buxom sorceress? All her animations made as sexy and all the time it seems that the dress of the heroine is about to burst from the pressure of her natural talents.

The artists tried to work out not only the characters but every scene. All done in such a way to preserve the spirit of an adult, but the fun of the tale. Little fairy drunk, lying in a glass with booze and holding a huge cherry, brings a smile every time I see her on the screen.

The gorgeous art style in symbiosis with a good sense of humor create a very pleasant atmosphere, and with fun, gameplay makes the game interesting for very long.

In the version for PS4 this magnificence has been revised to reflect the higher resolutions, and in comparison with PS3/VITA picture on the PS4 looks much more clear and smooth. And the winners of the Pro version of the console can enjoy the game in 4K.

Another feature of Dragon’s Crown for PS4 is cursor control with the touchpad on the DualShock 4. Finally, someone who isn’t lazy to use the touchpad for its intended purpose and not as big button. Players with the PS3 often complained about the control cursor right stick. It is slow and not very intuitive, especially compared to the PlayStation Vita when you can just point a finger at the screen. On PS4 the same touchpad works much faster and more accurate stick that allows slowing down the pace of the fight to open the door, trunk or activate a spell on the walls. Of course, this may seem unusual, so you always have the option to use the right stick.

Also, the developers have re-recorded music by an orchestra. Now the collection is presented more colorfully accentuate what is happening on the screen, which positively affects the atmosphere of a fantasy adventure. Although if you for some reason want to listen to the original sound, then you can select it in the options in the start menu.

Dragon’s Crown Pro – excellent reissue of the beautiful game. support, updated music, and the proper use of the touchpad on the DualShock 4 allow you to fully enjoy a fascinating Thriller that combines the mechanics of Golden Axe and Diablo. If you are tired of waiting for SEGA continue the immortal classics or just love beautiful 2D games, then skip Dragon’s Crown Pro, in any case, is not recommended. Pumping along with the variety of characters can take a long time, especially if you have not played the original project for PS3 or PS VITA.