The future of Detroit: Become Human not so far away as it may seem to some. Of course, humanoid androids with highly developed intelligence is not 10, not even 15 coming years (in fact even primitive robots learned to run without wires just a month ago). However, Detroit is not only and not so much about androids. In fact, the Central theme of the game – growing dependence on high technology. Every owner of a PS4 just has to investigate this very interesting topic – in other words, stick to your console, without which it is impossible to live, even at 10 o’clock. And even a lot more.

Cars are now doing in Korea and Japan. Try Android?

First of all, we note the choice of location: Detroit – it’s brilliant! The former cradle of the U.S. auto industry slowly bent and rotting (just look at the area of the alcoholic/addict Todd), land is cheaper, and a mega-Corporation CyberLife opted for this city to build a giant factory for the production of androids here easier.
The realism of the setting does not end there. Read electronic journals, view and listen to the news: I promise, if you believe that your intelligence is at least slightly above the floor, will enjoy. USA and Russia – on the brink of open conflict over the Arctic, the bees have completely died out (a serious problem for the environment), about 70% of men in the course of a large survey in the United States answered that the sex with the Android is much better than with an ordinary woman.

These and other relevant topics Quantic Dream is not invented, not sucked from the finger: anyone who is even slightly interested in what is happening in the world, knows that the preconditions for such trend already there. By the way, the developer’s separate respect for the fact that we don’t push through the other two now current themes – sex and race. As they walked around the modern curse? More on that later.

The Trinity of protagonists

To Detroit: Become Human you have to manage as much as three protagonists. This is Connor, the latest prototype of the Android-investigator CyberLife created specifically to deal with deviants (i.e., freaking out plastic counterparts). Connor – a kind of Bladerunner, only not dark and haggard, but, on the contrary, positive and always dressed immaculately.
The second character – Marcus. As a result of events of high injustice, a regular household servant becomes the prophet of a new way of thinking. With one touch Marcus gives androids the freedom that is reminiscent of certain motifs from the realm of religious mysticism.

And perhaps the most simple character, Kara. Here I must say that the plot of the game is that androids suddenly appear emotions. Rather, it’s not quite emotions: extreme events in the “life” of plastic assistants began to cause disruptions in the program and violation of human orders, which previously could not happen physically.

So, back to four of a kind: ordinary nurses/cleaners in the result of such “emotional glitch” Wake up the instincts of the mother. Yes, the story is banal. But keep in mind that he played masterfully. I will not say how because spoilers adventure/interactive movie is the last thing. Not a shooter’s talking about!

A graceful slap in the face of political correctness

Some “historical Parallels” in the game are, and they are quite obvious. Standing separate compartments for androids to metro and buses, mini”stall” for Android police, instead of the normal jobs, “label Androids is forbidden!” on half the bars and shops of course plastic helpers implicitly compared to black slaves before the Civil war in the United States.

The same thing happens with the floor. Yes, the game is a fairly important non-playable character: a sex Android, who escaped from the legal brothel.

Those rare birds who flew to the middle of the Dnieper (i.e. has read this far), probably right now feel a slight feeling of irritation as if to say, what the hell is he to us here rubs about political correctness and about all sorts of things!? Where about the game itself?
The thing is, what about the game itself can tell even Captain Obvious. This quest AAA from Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain, modern, flirting with themes of Deus Ex. Most likely, this time Sony winning the console war, singled out quite so brutal budget, and it is visible to the naked eye.

On 4K TV, in combination with the PS4 Pro, it looks… not even just stunning. Usually, the concept of “interactive movie” implies all the same quest, that is the genre. So Detroit is an interactive movie that is the quality of the picture. Once PC-nobles may cry of envy with crocodile tears: no Drake, in the ecstasy of beating on the keys of the piano, soap and other things here.

The map of opportunities “gray zone” and other surprises

In terms of gameplay, we can state a nice fact: the Studio Quantic Dream creative has grown (although it was at a high level). The story is organic – no flashbacks and jumps forward, timeline held by all the laws of geometry, from point a to point b, which eliminates the possibility of confusion. For example, when watching Westworld, sometimes the question arises: so, is “back then”? Or “then”? Or is it “now”!? In Detroit have no such issues, and this is a huge plus.
Three of the characters are not playing against each other, their stories intertwine in a natural way (the detective seeks a mischievous lady/babysitter, etc.), common ground spelled out masterfully. The writers Quantic Dream is not in vain eat their own bread. By the way, this time worked over the script not only David cage, which is also a plus: apparently, it colleagues limited the passion of genius to the ridiculous jumps in time and unnatural plot twists.

And now – about the map features. After each episode, you show which path you chose, and what opportunities are missed. Yes, it simplifies the game, but it increases the likelihood that lazy gamers will replay it themselves, not on YouTube. Curious detail – the statistics of the world in the percent who chose which way. Mini-spoiler: almost at the very beginning of the game the owner gives Marcus the opportunity to draw a picture. A choice of three options: the future of androids, humans, or the mysterious “self-determination”.

I, of course, chose the androids that made only 7% of players in the world. Damn nice. And here you can go for the moral choice is implemented in Detroit is beyond praise. Black-and-white dilemmas in the new masterpiece from Quantic Dream is almost there: everything is in a grey area where concepts of good and evil lose their relevance.

I started the game with iron certainty: “kill all humans” (thank you, Bender, for the quote at all times!) and hasten the onset of total domination of the game. However, due to the filing of the cage and of the company, not just once or twice making a choice in favor of homo sapiens. The grouchy detective, listening to Knights of the Black Death, the artist-postmodernist, whose hands are completely covered with tattoos, a brave little girl, not in a broken home with his father-an alcoholic – something good in humanity is still there.

In General, you understand: the delight is not the limit. If at least some sector of your brain is a futurist, Detroit: Become Human cannot be skipped. That is, in any case. It is, in fact, Bladerunner 2038, only the Replicants are given more attention.

+ The most realistic world of 2038, the year that all economic, social and political problems originate in our current reality A moral “gray zone”: even if you are a fierce hater of plastic and metal, or, on the contrary, a lawyer of high technology, you’ve probably a couple of times will make a choice in favor of the “enemy” camp+ Picture Pro on the PS4 and 4K TV are very close to the movie, in Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls about this could only dream of (Yes, I brought Sony and along with all manufacturers of 4K TV, is already registering the new yacht in Monaco)
– Some moments some are tight only for the total time of passing

– Joy, PC-nobles: sometimes textures are loaded a second later the scene, and it turns out that “soap movie”

Rating: 10 of 10